Web Workers是什么意思?

Web Workers是什么意思?

Web Workers为WEB前端网页上的脚本提供了一种能在后台进程中运行的方法。一旦它被创建,Web Workers就可以通过postMessage()向任务池发送任务请求,执行完之后再通过postMessage()返回消息给创建者指定的事件处理程序(通过onmessage进行捕获)。

Web Workers进程能够在不影响用户界面的情况下处理任务,并且,它还可以使用XMLHttpRequest来处理I/O,无论responseXML和channel属性是否为null。

What are “web workers”?
Web workers at long last bring multi-threading to JavaScript.

A web worker is a script that runs in the background (i.e., in another thread) without the page needing to wait for it to complete. The user can continue to interact with the page while the web worker runs in the background. Workers utilize thread-like message passing to achieve parallelism.


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